The VNA & Palliative Cancer Care

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The VNA & Palliative Cancer Care

Click here to edit Spacer module. woman with cancer with her nurse Palliative cancer care can make all the difference to enable you or your loved one to thrive during treatment. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and all the health management decisions and therapies that come as a result can mean an extreme hardship to patients and their families. That’s where the VNA of Hanover & Spring Grove’s palliative cancer care services can step in. Palliative care is not the same as hospice care – patients can begin palliative care at any time during their treatment and do not have to be determined as terminal or end of life to qualify.

Our Palliative Cancer Care Services

Palliative care is designed to provide comfort and a higher level of support to patients and their loved ones while dealing with difficult diagnoses and treatment plans. The primary goal of palliative cancer care is to improve quality of life for both patients and their families. At the VNA of Hanover & Spring Grove, we provide expertly trained nurses and health care professionals to assess patient needs and meet those needs by:
  • Assessing and managing pain and symptoms throughout the duration of the illness
  • Considering the goals of each individual patient and their families during treatment
  • Addressing emotional and spiritual needs at all times while facing cancer
  • Enabling a more comfortable life while going through one of the toughest situations a patient and their family can face

How Palliative Cancer Care Is Different From Hospice Care

Hospice care is designed to ease the experience of patients and their families as they enter the end-of-life period. Palliative cancer care is available to patients at any point during their walk with cancer, both while undergoing treatment and beyond. If necessary, palliative care can bridge to hospice care when the time comes.

When To Seek Palliative Care

Discuss your care options with your health care team when you have received a serious diagnosis like cancer and are facing difficult treatments ahead. Then, contact us at the VNA of Hanover & Spring Grove by visiting us online or calling us at 717-637-1227 or 1-800-422-3197 to begin services for yourself and your family at the soonest possible time. With your permission, we’ll get in touch with your health care team to determine your level of physical needs and assess you individually to draw up a personalized plan for you and your family. We’ll also work with your insurance company or government benefits to determine coverage.