The VNA of Hanover & Spring Grove extends their deepest sympathy for the loss of your loved one.  We would like to be able to help you walk through your grief, at your own pace.

Grief is the deeply felt, personal response to the loss of something valued or someone loved.  It is a normal, natural, and necessary response to life’s losses and changes.  The journey through grief is an individualized and unique experience for each person.  Our experienced and empathetic bereavement counselors at the VNA understand this process and are here to help our families with their loss through a variety of resources.

VNA bereavement support is an integral and complimentary program serving the needs of patients, families, and the community in matters of grief and loss.  We offer compassionate care through support and education.  Please contact us by calling (717)637-1227 or (800)422-3197.

Important things to remember about grief:

Grief is a natural and normal reaction to loss.

Everyone grieves differently.

There are no time frames for grief.