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Anthony Damiano

Anthony Damiano

Clinical Manager of Therapy Services, Leadership Staff

Anthony was born and raised in New Jersey. He received his BS in Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac college in 1991.  After completing an 8-week clinical rotation with the Visiting Nurse Association of New Britain, Connecticut, he fell in love with home care and the mission of the VNA organizations as a whole.   Soon after graduating, he relocated to York, PA, and started his physical therapy profession. He worked in a variety of settings but was always either fully or partially involved in home care.

In 2005, Anthony started working as a contractor for the VNA of Hanover and Spring Grove. In 2015, he accepted full-time employment as a staff therapist, and in 2018, he relocated to Hanover. He never stops being passionate about the VNA's purpose and how we can have such a positive influence on the neighborhood by caring for our friends and neighbors. In 2023, Anthony assumed the leadership role of Clinical Manager of Therapy Services.

Anthony is married to the love of his life, Melanie, an RN whom he met at the VNA. They have 8 children and 3 grandchildren between the two of them. In his spare time, Anthony loves the outdoors and prefers to spend his time hiking, camping, and canoeing. In 2019, he spent nine weeks living off the grid in a shelter he built at Jack Mountain Bushcraft in the Maine woods. In 2022, he went back and spent four weeks paddling 100 miles on the Allagash River and 30 miles on the east branch of the Penobscot River. He did this while cooking over an open fire every night and paddling and poling his canoe every day. Anthony has a variety of hobbies including bee-keeping, baking bread, and cooking.

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