Palliative Care

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Palliative Care Services

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Living with the symptoms of a painful, serious illness is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. At the Visiting Nurse Association Of Hanover & Spring Grove, our compassionate team of caregivers provides special, individualized care to help relieve patients’ pain and other symptoms associated with serious, chronic conditions.

What Is Palliative Care?

Palliative care assists in improving the quality of life for patients who have serious illnesses. Palliative care provides advanced symptom management to help relieve patients’ most distressing symptoms associated with their illness.

It can be provided at any time during a patient’s treatment and can be administered as part of an overall treatment plan that includes radiation, chemotherapy and other drug therapy.

Who is Eligible for Palliative Care?

Patients who have life-limiting diseases are eligible for palliative care. Patients who are seeking curative treatments are eligible — their prognosis does not need to be terminal to qualify for palliative care treatment.

Benefits of Palliative Care

Patients who receive palliative care can enjoy an improved quality of life, and an often longer life. Other benefits of palliative care include:

  • Care that’s focused on mutual goals of the patient and their family
  • Living a more comfortable life
  • Measures for managing pain and symptoms 
  • Meeting patient’s emotional and spiritual needs

Differences Between Palliative Care And Hospice Care

The primary difference between hospice care and palliative care is patients in palliative care continue to receive curative treatments for their illness. When patients are receiving hospice care, these same curative measures are not administered.

Speak To Your Physician About Palliative Care

If you or a family member are exploring options for palliative care, first speak to your physician or health care provider. Then contact the Visiting Nurse Association Of Hanover & Spring Grove to set up an appointment for an in-home assessment.

Contact Us

Our experienced palliative care nurses are ready to provide compassionate, special care for patients interested in receiving palliative care. To set up an in-home assessment, contact the Visiting Nurse Association of Hanover & Spring Grove at 717-637-1227. We serve patients around lower central PA, which includes the towns of Hanover, Spring Grove and the Gettysburg area — including Biglerville, Abbotstown and New Oxford, PA.

Our Palliative Care nurses serve patients around lower central PA including the towns of Hanover, Spring Grove and the Gettysburg area; including Biglerville, Abbottstown, New Oxford, PA.