Volunteer Opportunities

Hanover, PA, Hospice Volunteering

Hospice volunteers are an important part of the hospice team at the Visiting Nurse Association of Hanover & Spring Grove. Volunteers fill a wide range of roles, from providing patient support to performing clerical tasks to ensure our families are cared for. If you live in the area, there are plenty of ways you can sign up to help others who are going through a difficult time. Contact us to learn more.

Available Opportunities

If you're considering becoming a hospice volunteer, there are many different opportunities to choose from.

Hospice Patient Care Volunteers. A patient care volunteer interacts directly with patients, traveling to their home or care facility to assist with daily tasks or activities. While hospice patient care volunteers don’t provide direct medical or hands-on care, they may provide an opportunity for other caregivers to run errands, attend appointments or catch up on household duties, or they may simply function as a calm presence for someone who’s in need.

nurse holding an elderly woman’s hand

Veteran Volunteers. This program pairs volunteers and patients who are both military veterans and can relate to one another and their families. These volunteers can present veteran and other gifts directly to the patient.

Bereavement Volunteers. Bereavement volunteers are needed to help share a painful journey with patients with terminal illnesses and their families. Not only will this help you gain a deeper knowledge of life and death, but it can also assist families in receiving the most peaceful and comfortable end-of-life experience possible.

Administrative. Administrative volunteers assist the Visiting Nurse Association with insurance claims, mail, computer tasks, organization, fund-raising and other daily needs of the organization. Because we provide services to many families, we appreciate our volunteers who can help keep projects moving forward and ensure all our clients are happy.

Benefits Of Hospice Volunteering

Hospice provides unparalleled support and presence during difficult situations. Being a volunteer allows you to contribute to a good cause and help make your community a better place. If a family member has ever received services through hospice, you can give back and make a difference in the lives of others by volunteering.

The rewards of volunteering with our Hospice Program can last a lifetime. The patients and families that you will connect with will enrich your life and your service will bring comfort to theirs. Volunteering cultivates purpose and value for you and our clients.

If you live in the Hanover area and want information on how you can become a volunteer, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at Visiting Nurse Association. We can inform you of our volunteer training and give you details on what it takes to become a member of our team. We provide you with everything you need to succeed. Call us at (717) 637-1227 or toll-free at (800) 422-3197 for more information, or drop by our facility at 440 Madison Street. If you prefer, you can email us at vna@vnahanover.org and download our application.