Executive Staff

Hattie Gable

Hattie Gable

Marketing & Community Relations Manager

Hattie joined the VNA in June 2021. She graduated from York College of Pennsylvania in 2002 with a Recreation and Leisure Administration degree and began her career in long-term care. Hattie continued her career working in long-term care facilities holding various management roles until 2013. After the birth of her youngest daughter, she stayed home with her children briefly and eventually worked part-time at Farley’s Jewelers in Hanover.

Hattie has held various roles in customer and human services which allowed her the opportunity to join the VNA. For Hattie being a part of the VNA aligns with our motto, For Us, It’s Personal. Hattie has had family that were employees and parents and grandparents who were cared for by the VNA.

Hattie grew up in Hanover but lived in Wilmington Delaware for 5 years after college. She lives in Adams County with her husband Scott, and their three children. Hattie relishes the chaos of her children’s busy lives and loves spending time with her friends and family.

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