Executive Staff

Heather Reynolds

Heather Reynolds

Executive Human Resources Manager

Heather brings over 15 years of invaluable experience in recruiting, staffing, and office administration to her role at VNA. Joining the team in January 2018, she has been instrumental in ensuring that the agency is equipped with dedicated and talented individuals who share its mission of compassionate care.

Known for her strong ethics and commitment to honest values, Heather believes in fostering a workplace environment where everyone can thrive and find fulfillment. She understands the importance of happiness in the workplace, recognizing its profound impact on one's overall well-being and home life.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Heather finds joy in embarking on road trips and discovering new destinations. She has an insatiable curiosity for exploring different places and immersing herself in diverse cultures and experiences along the way. Heather's love for music also holds a special place in her heart, enriching her life with rhythm and melody.

Above all, Heather treasures moments spent with her cherished family and friends, including her two beloved cats, Lexi and Luna. Whether it's sharing laughter over a meal or simply enjoying each other's company, these connections bring warmth and meaning to her life.

With her dedication to building strong teams and fostering a positive work environment, Heather plays a vital role in ensuring the success and vitality of VNA's mission.

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